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Send and Receive Money Using Friendster

Friendster is the number 1 social networking site in asia. As a growing community friendster has decided to add a feature of sending money through it. Globe Telecom partnered with friendster with its G-Cash services to cater Filipinos of a hassle free online money transfer. To use the service you must have a mobile phone connected with your friendster account. To start here's how:

How To Activate the “Send Cash” Friendster feature?

Step 1: Register your mobile number

Before you can use the “Send Money” feature, you need to register first your email address that you used in loging in to Friendster and the password you used. To do this you need to type it in your cellphone’s “Write Message” :

REG your password

Note: change the “” to the email you used in loging in to your Friendster account. And change the “your password” with the password you used in your Friendster account.

Then send it to 2276. After that, you’ll receive the confirmation messages like, “Welcome To Friendster Text Alert…”

You can also do it through the web. Just make sure you have enough SMS Credit or load because you’ll be charge of PhP2.50. After registering your mobile number with your Friendster account, you will then receive a confirmation message and then you need to reply it with “AGREE” or just send “AGREE” to 2276.

After sucessfully registering your mobile number with your Friendster account, edit your “Mobile Settings” at your Friendster account. Remember that every time Friendster send you message, you’ll be charge PhP2.50/message. So, you better unchecked everything there if you don’t want to be charged.

Step 2: Activate your GCASH

Since you want to receive money via GCash, then you need to activate first the GCASH of your mobile number.

Registration is a key process that activates the GCASH wallet in your Globe or TM cellphone. It is a one-time process, where you can choose to register through text or through the GCASH menu found in your SIM.

To register through text
Register your cellphone to GCASH by sending this text to 2882

REG4-digit GCASH MPIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address

Remember! Make sure that your First Name and Last Name match the information that appears in any valid ID of yours. This is important for future GCASH transactions.

You can visit the GCash official website for more info (click here).

Once your GCash is already activated, then you can now start sending money to your Friendster Friends or receive money from them.

What's the Benefits?

1. You can send money hassle free and secured using G-Cash service of Globe.

2. You can send money to any of your friends.

3. Your relatives abroad could use the service to send money through their family into the Philippines.

4. If you are into online business. The service could facilitate a method of payments from your buyer.

The GAP - Rich and Poor

May be we always ask ourselves "why rich people become more richer, and those poor people become more poorer?" Perhaps, that's the way it is, and may be some are just born rich and others are born poor and that's reality. It is also a reality were rich people becomes more richer and poor people becomes more poorer.

But analysing situations, mentality and attitude contributes so much to the gap between the two group. Rich has the capital and poor provides labor. Rich gets the profits while poor earns salary or wages for subsistence. Rich people has the connections while poor people loss connections. Rich people acquires higher educational level while poor people just the basic educational curriculum. Rich spends for wants while poor people spends for needs. Rich people has insurances, medical benefits, club's memberships, while poor people do not much have access to health benefits and much more for leisure purposes. Rich people thinks how to become rich while poor people thinks to earn money for subsistence.

Suggesting a solutions may be is that as Rich People always think and talks about money. That is why they get even richer. Which I believe the same principles that we should used for us to be come rich and be a millionaire. To be like that, we must always think about new opportunities in this world on how we could make money. We should always talk about our ideas of making money with those who are capable of bringing our ideas into reality. That is where we could make money. Thinking new opportunities, as there are always new opportunities. Bring these ideas into reality, and believe. That is the principles behind rich people.

Resolving the gap and a potent anti-dote against poverty is still education no matter how bad the quality it is. As long as poor people gets the basic curriculum still it is a good shield against poverty and a one step to go up to the rich ladder. More so is that they should work hard and work more smart for them to earn more. Innovates new ideas for the capitalist to produces into goods and of course securing legal processes to protect rights for your ideas.

Capitalist should just not only think of their investments, they should also look for the welfare of the laborer. Benefits for the latter contributes for the progress of the business of the former. Care must be given to them. Protecting laborers is just as protecting investments.

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ETORO - The Best Forex Broker.

My friend introduced me into the world of Forex Market. Learning this market was a sort of a promising star were our dreams are could be build of. This market could make us financially independent. Your small investment could yield you a profitable and promising source of income.

In case you didn't know about forex market, well I'm telling you guys this is the best and most busy market in the world aside from stock market and the usual market where we buy are kitchen stuffs. $2.8Trillion is the money at stake and traded every 24 hours for 7 days. Imagine getting a slice of it everyday.

This Market deals on currencies trading where you could buy and sell currency pair you think you be rich. Major world currencies are paired like, Euro and US Dollars (EUR/US), US$ and Japan Yen ( USD/JPY) and other currencies. You basically earn on this market from fluctuation in prices on the currencies you are dealing with.

Forex Market is a very volatile market. Fluctuations happens every minute. Economic News and decisions of world leaders affects so much in this market. Hence it is advisable that you should keep in touch with your trade.

After knowing what this market could do for me. I have decided to learn this market. A friend of mine introduced me to different forex brokers. Learning different trading platforms and gaining trading experience.

I could say that etoro was the best forex broker in the Internet. It has a nice , a very intuitive trading platform compared to others and most user-friendly. eToro has developed a cutting edge Forex trading software, catering to novice and veteran traders alike by way of a user friendly trading interface, and various additional features that render the vast world of Forex trading accessible to new traders. eToro`s easy to use platform makes foreign exchange trading almost entirely intuitive, through its extensive use of trade visualization. eToro`s platform is also designed to make Forex trading a community oriented experience, with such features as private and public chats, forums and championships.

eToro`s provision of an opportunity to acquire trading experience by trading for virtual money, makes this platform hugely attractive to beginner traders, since it enables them to get their chops without risking any of their money. This way, novices can get a fundamental understanding of the world of Forex, before they dive in. Furthermore, eToro makes the learning experience a smooth and painless one, by replacing the complex charts and lingo that the Forex market is famous for, with step by step instructions, tutorials, professional support and creative graphic representations of trading activity.

eToro`s forward thinking approach combines all the advantages of the Forex market, namely its scale, its liquidity and its extent of opportunity, with all the advantages of online technology, in order to create a user friendly access to an enormous and complex industry.

Overall, eToro has produced the ultimate trading environment, where one can learn, develop, communicate, and grow according to one`s individual needs.

Guys, if you want to invest into forex market try etoro. Its just so easy to sign up, and just download the platform. I want to recommend you and experience what I have experience trading forex inside etoro. Consider real trading where its minimum deposit is just $50 via paypal or thru your credit card. If you deposit $100 you get $25 reward for your deposit. Withdrawal of earnings are just the same method of your deposit. I have withdraw $200 my earnings via paypal and making another wave of income.

Guys, try forex trading inside etoro and be financially independent. Remember forex market is a promising market where our dreams are just a bit away. So sign up and start trading and make and build our wealth as early today. See you inside the forex market.

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My Acobay.

Here is the latest social networking site called acobay. It social networking site allowing you to share and connect with people from across the world, who shares the same interest, hobbies, and adventures. Just show it and willd share it.

What’s the big deal at acobay? Well, the fact is, knowing people around the world who shares the same interest that you have is the niciest thing, knowing the tricks with the stuffs you both like, experiences, adventures, etc. Aside from that, the deal is you will be able to show your stuffs around the world not just in your local community but across the globe in world wide web. Nice isn’t it? Also, by showing your stuffs through acobay, you could have another tool that will boosts your site traffic. Wonderful idea?

Well, go now at acobay and register. Its so easy to register, no email required, just like 3 minutes registration and viola you are now a member and start showing and share your stuffs and let your stuffs kicks their buts. A piece of advice is that be the best with your stuffs…

Counting On Quality Blog Content

I didn't know that by writing quality blog, posts, or contents counts for the quality of your blog. Its just for me, I just write about anything or everything that I could post to my blog, without having a second thought whether the topics that I am writing fits with my blog category.

I've been blogging I guess for almost a year, and still my blog wasn't really a big shot compared to those who know how to use SEO strategies. The good thing is, even I didn't used SEO strategies I am so happy that my blog was crawled by Google and yahoo crawler robot, and I've got a considerable amount as Google and yahoo indexed my blog.

An awareness comes to my mind about my blog stats. I realize that what counts for a website or blogs is having a good rankings. As I've checked my Page Ranks, it showed a nice stat of 0. I said it's nice because, now I know where should I start and I should start the ball rolling and kicking. I made a research about how I could improve the stats or page rank of my blog.

I found out that Search Engine optimization (SEO) is mostly used by expert bloggers. Sad to say, I didn't know how to use that. I am not a computer jerks. I just only knew about linking or back links although I really don't know much of them.

I made a further research regarding strategies used by bloggers on how to improve their blogs. I have found, I guess, the basic yet a powerful fundamentals how to increase or even obtain just a PR of 1. I found out that by writing quality posts, or contents is the most best strategies.

As what I have found out search engines doesn't count the quantity or the numbers of post you have in your blog. Search engines crawlers tends to crawl sites or blogs which has a good contents and has recent posts. Crawlers loves to crawls blogs or sites which there are changes happens everyday or the more your site has an activity.

Another tips to increase the PR of your blog is to submit your blog to blog directories. They are more blog directories who offers their services free for the inclusion of your blog in their directories. Most of them only requires you to do back links of their directories in exchange for the listing of your blog.

Writing quality blog is the most basic yet powerful tool to increase or to obtain a page rank. Also submit your blog to sites and blog directories. Also you must remember that, to have a quality blog your content must be relevant to your site.

The benefits of quality blogging is it increases the page rank of your blog. Thru quality blogging, as your page rank grows, you make more money with your blog as there would be more advertisers for your blog. Since advertisers wants to advertise in a blog or site which has a good page rank. Making a quality blog is what should come first. Making money with blogging comes easily after you made your blog a quality one.

May be it wont be too late for me to start posting and creating a quality content. Not yet too late. So far, I am happy with the stats of my blog knowing that Google and yahoo had indexed my blog, and that was great numbers. I've got also a good Real Rankings used by some advertisers, and with Alexia rankings I've got a figures on it which I am working to increase it.

The bottom line is, thru quality blogging, search engines loves to crawl blogs or site which has a good content and as you keep posting quality posts , as they crawl your blog it increases you page ranks, when you got a good page ranking standing, you got more advertisers, and that's where you make more money by quality blogging.

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Tips for Bloggers, Quality Blogs, Quality Blogs Earns More

Easy Money at Forex Market

In case you didn't know that there is a $2.8 Trillion market per day well there is. Why dont have a slice of it everyday. That is theFOREX market. Its a nice source of income. You basically earn in this market thru fluctuation in currencies you are dealing with. But in this market, there are risks. If you dont trade well, you end up losing all your money.

There are a lot of websites that offers FOREX education. It is a must specially for novice in this market to get acquainted with forex terms, and acquire skills of fundamental and technical analysis of the market. Successful traders most of them invest in getting forex education.

If you trade in forex market you might be addicted to it, so be careful and not loss all your investment. As a simple yet powerful tip is don't be greedy with the profit you might get. Specially if you are a novice in this market a $5 to $10 profit per 5 to 15 minutes is a good deal already. Don't be fooled by thinking it could lead to hundred dollars profit. If you think like that you will end losing your money. Remember fluctuations happens every minute so be careful.

If you are planing to embark in this market, try first to educate yourself, and its a good thing some of brokers trading platform offers a virtual account where you could get familiarize your self and as a practice. Ill give you one site that offers trading platform, its MARKETIVA and the nicest thing in this site is that it gives you a $5 upon signing up and start trading.

So why not try forex market and make easy money, may be you were born into it. They said that " Some are born to be a forex trader, while others need just a practice".