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Prepaid Card New Shelf Life...

The National Telecommunication Commission issued a memorandum circular extending the shelf life of the prepaid card offered by the Mobile Telecommunication Companies (Smart, Globe, Sun) in the Philippines. The said move was due to a massive out cry from millions of mobile subscribers claiming that their load expired unnoticed and even these companies are in habit of vanishing the subscribers load and sending unsolicited message advertisements that are deducted to the subscribers loads. Said habit was referred to as " digital theft " as published in a national news paper. According to the said the new shelf life of Prepaid Loads/Cards are:

10-or-less load - 3 days
10-20 load - 7 days
20-30 load - 10 days
30-40 load - 14 days
40-P50 load - 17 days
50-60 load - 20 days
60-70 load - 21 days
70-80 load - 24 days
80-90 load - 30 days or 1 month
100-150 load - 45 days or 1 month and 15 days
150-200 load - 60 days or 2 months
200-300 load - 90 days or 3 months
300-600 load - 150 days or 5 months
600 to 1,000 load - 180 days or 6 months.

As one of those millions of subscribesr, we got reason to celebrate due to said extension of prepaid cards validity period. Also the circular prohibited the mobile service providers from sending advertisement thru sms, except those that are the user's themeselves subscribe. The higher the value your load the higher its validiy period.

Music's At its Best...

There are medical findings that music specially classical music plays an important role in the development of child’s brain as when it is exposed to classical music even when they were still in their mother’s womb. Mind, and body are connected with music of the rythym of our whole system.

As my personal experience. I love to listen to mellow, calming and soothing music. It’s like my mind has adopted its rhythm, and so I move and think slow. The positive effect on me was that I am emotionally and psychologically stable and matured. The negative of mellow music to me was that, my ability to think and my ability to reason was turns so slow. As during my class recitations my professors told me that I am so slow in answering the question. But for me seems like it was just normal. I ask my classmates if I was that really slow and they told me that I was really slow in answering the questions. I ask my self what makes me slow to think and reason out. Then I realize that its because of the type of the music that I love to hear every night. The slow beat or rhythm in the music was adopted by my brain and it acts according to the rhythm of the music, as a result my brain was so slow to process.

Comparing to those who love to listen to rock or metallic music they are active and lively. They think fast, reason’s fast and move fast. It is because the faster beat of rock or metallic music was adopted by their brain, as a result they think, reason out and move fast. But the negative effect on them of fast beat music was that they are irritable without movements in their mind or in their surroundings, and they are emotionally and psychologically immature.

I made a personal experiment. I listen to rock and faster music. And yes its true my ability to think and in reasoning improved its not so slow as compared before, and I’m getting to like rock and fast beat music because of that. But I make sure that there is balance between mellow and rock music.

Another personal experiment I made was that, I’ve watched the visualization in the windows media player in my computer, it so happens that it moves fast, my eyes responds accordingly, and my brains also respond actively fast in accordance with the visualization effects. Its like in the matrix movie, when you need a new skills you just wear an eye glass and all the informations were shown in your eyes, and viola you got new skill. But the negative effect on me was that I tend to be irritable with out seeing any movement or thinking fast.

The bottom line is there is music in our mind and body. That somehow played an important roles in our life, society, and culture.

Mind, Music and Body...

Our Mind has thousands of neurons, the same as our body has thousands of nerves. The blood that flows into them is what it makes our bodily system keeps going. Our mind controls everything in our body. It controls our body according to a systematic rhythm, and that is music of our body. The beat our heart, the movement of our body, our breathing pattern, and speed of our brain to think was the result of a systematic rhythm in our body, that somehow we can called music of our body.

Music or rhythm brought thousands of benefits to mankind. Music plays important role now in our society, may it be politically, socially, psychologically, and in the medical field.

I believe that music is so powerful that can either destroy or heal our mind or body. Music therapy could be used to those who are depressed. As it may overcome failure. As according to science, like dissolve like, it’s like a soothing music soothes the heart of those who are lonely and thereby the brain produces neurons that calms their mind and feelings. Listening to a mellow music every night, to those who can’t sleep, makes them sleepy, and it produces the effects of calming one’s mind.

A faster beat of musics makes one alive and active. The beat or rhythm of musics affects one’s brains, and thereby making one’s mood’s perfectly in accordance with the surroundings or undertakings. But, of course too much produces negative effects.

For students a good background musics could make them study well. But it really depends on the body rhythm of the listener. As one might go for fast beat music and others just a mellow music. Music at its best...

A Simple Sense Of Fashion To Look Good

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Fashion is not just as elegance as fashion icons do. Its totally how you carry a simple outfits with proper moods for the day, occasion or events you are with. Looking good is being comportable so that everything runs smoothly. A simple sense of fashion defines a simple spell binding moments that last forever.