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Overcoming Failure

Failure is inevitable if we are to succeed in life. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to overcome failure, and they are stopped by it when they encounter one. The ability to overcome failure is one big difference between successful and mediocre people. After all, we should pass failure on the way to success, so it is the ability to pass it that makes the difference between those who eventually reach success and those who don’t.

Tips to overcome failures:

1. Rise,Dust your self off, pick up the sword and fight again.

2. Learn from the past. Appreciates what it want to change your life.

3. Stay positive.

4. Aim for your dreams and strive for more.

Keeping your confidence in yourself despite the failure. Of course, you need to put a lot of effort and learn as much as possible from the failure, but you have the ability to make your dream come true. Many people who achieve great undertakings have no special trait. They are just ordinary people with extraordinary attitude. Let’s be one of them.

A Dream Soon To Happen

I want to be become a lawyer. Passing the bar is not my dream, but topping it is my ultimate goal. I see my self as a lawyer and I believe that my destiny of becoming a lawyer is written in the stars. I didn't doubt my self of passing the bar examinations that's why I dream of topping the bar exams. Perhaps that is not impossible. All things in this world, ordinary and even extra-ordinary one's are not impossible. You just have to work hard, have faith in God and in your selve's and keep hope in your heart.

But in the end God directs every ones life. Destiny lies according to his plan. For my dreams I will do all things for the glory of God as my Pledge. My dream will be fulfilled soon.

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