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The National Telecommunication Commission issued a memorandum circular extending the shelf life of the prepaid card offered by the Mobile Telecommunication Companies (Smart, Globe, Sun) in the Philippines. The said move was due to a massive out cry from millions of mobile subscribers claiming that their load expired unnoticed and even these companies are in habit of vanishing the subscribers load and sending unsolicited message advertisements that are deducted to the subscribers loads. Said habit was referred to as " digital theft " as published in a national news paper. According to the said the new shelf life of Prepaid Loads/Cards are:

10-or-less load - 3 days
10-20 load - 7 days
20-30 load - 10 days
30-40 load - 14 days
40-P50 load - 17 days
50-60 load - 20 days
60-70 load - 21 days
70-80 load - 24 days
80-90 load - 30 days or 1 month
100-150 load - 45 days or 1 month and 15 days
150-200 load - 60 days or 2 months
200-300 load - 90 days or 3 months
300-600 load - 150 days or 5 months
600 to 1,000 load - 180 days or 6 months.

As one of those millions of subscribesr, we got reason to celebrate due to said extension of prepaid cards validity period. Also the circular prohibited the mobile service providers from sending advertisement thru sms, except those that are the user's themeselves subscribe. The higher the value your load the higher its validiy period.

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