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Send and Receive Money Using Friendster

Friendster is the number 1 social networking site in asia. As a growing community friendster has decided to add a feature of sending money through it. Globe Telecom partnered with friendster with its G-Cash services to cater Filipinos of a hassle free online money transfer. To use the service you must have a mobile phone connected with your friendster account. To start here's how:

How To Activate the “Send Cash” Friendster feature?

Step 1: Register your mobile number

Before you can use the “Send Money” feature, you need to register first your email address that you used in loging in to Friendster and the password you used. To do this you need to type it in your cellphone’s “Write Message” :

REG your password

Note: change the “” to the email you used in loging in to your Friendster account. And change the “your password” with the password you used in your Friendster account.

Then send it to 2276. After that, you’ll receive the confirmation messages like, “Welcome To Friendster Text Alert…”

You can also do it through the web. Just make sure you have enough SMS Credit or load because you’ll be charge of PhP2.50. After registering your mobile number with your Friendster account, you will then receive a confirmation message and then you need to reply it with “AGREE” or just send “AGREE” to 2276.

After sucessfully registering your mobile number with your Friendster account, edit your “Mobile Settings” at your Friendster account. Remember that every time Friendster send you message, you’ll be charge PhP2.50/message. So, you better unchecked everything there if you don’t want to be charged.

Step 2: Activate your GCASH

Since you want to receive money via GCash, then you need to activate first the GCASH of your mobile number.

Registration is a key process that activates the GCASH wallet in your Globe or TM cellphone. It is a one-time process, where you can choose to register through text or through the GCASH menu found in your SIM.

To register through text
Register your cellphone to GCASH by sending this text to 2882

REG4-digit GCASH MPIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address

Remember! Make sure that your First Name and Last Name match the information that appears in any valid ID of yours. This is important for future GCASH transactions.

You can visit the GCash official website for more info (click here).

Once your GCash is already activated, then you can now start sending money to your Friendster Friends or receive money from them.

What's the Benefits?

1. You can send money hassle free and secured using G-Cash service of Globe.

2. You can send money to any of your friends.

3. Your relatives abroad could use the service to send money through their family into the Philippines.

4. If you are into online business. The service could facilitate a method of payments from your buyer.

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