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The GAP - Rich and Poor

May be we always ask ourselves "why rich people become more richer, and those poor people become more poorer?" Perhaps, that's the way it is, and may be some are just born rich and others are born poor and that's reality. It is also a reality were rich people becomes more richer and poor people becomes more poorer.

But analysing situations, mentality and attitude contributes so much to the gap between the two group. Rich has the capital and poor provides labor. Rich gets the profits while poor earns salary or wages for subsistence. Rich people has the connections while poor people loss connections. Rich people acquires higher educational level while poor people just the basic educational curriculum. Rich spends for wants while poor people spends for needs. Rich people has insurances, medical benefits, club's memberships, while poor people do not much have access to health benefits and much more for leisure purposes. Rich people thinks how to become rich while poor people thinks to earn money for subsistence.

Suggesting a solutions may be is that as Rich People always think and talks about money. That is why they get even richer. Which I believe the same principles that we should used for us to be come rich and be a millionaire. To be like that, we must always think about new opportunities in this world on how we could make money. We should always talk about our ideas of making money with those who are capable of bringing our ideas into reality. That is where we could make money. Thinking new opportunities, as there are always new opportunities. Bring these ideas into reality, and believe. That is the principles behind rich people.

Resolving the gap and a potent anti-dote against poverty is still education no matter how bad the quality it is. As long as poor people gets the basic curriculum still it is a good shield against poverty and a one step to go up to the rich ladder. More so is that they should work hard and work more smart for them to earn more. Innovates new ideas for the capitalist to produces into goods and of course securing legal processes to protect rights for your ideas.

Capitalist should just not only think of their investments, they should also look for the welfare of the laborer. Benefits for the latter contributes for the progress of the business of the former. Care must be given to them. Protecting laborers is just as protecting investments.

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