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Counting On Quality Blog Content

I didn't know that by writing quality blog, posts, or contents counts for the quality of your blog. Its just for me, I just write about anything or everything that I could post to my blog, without having a second thought whether the topics that I am writing fits with my blog category.

I've been blogging I guess for almost a year, and still my blog wasn't really a big shot compared to those who know how to use SEO strategies. The good thing is, even I didn't used SEO strategies I am so happy that my blog was crawled by Google and yahoo crawler robot, and I've got a considerable amount as Google and yahoo indexed my blog.

An awareness comes to my mind about my blog stats. I realize that what counts for a website or blogs is having a good rankings. As I've checked my Page Ranks, it showed a nice stat of 0. I said it's nice because, now I know where should I start and I should start the ball rolling and kicking. I made a research about how I could improve the stats or page rank of my blog.

I found out that Search Engine optimization (SEO) is mostly used by expert bloggers. Sad to say, I didn't know how to use that. I am not a computer jerks. I just only knew about linking or back links although I really don't know much of them.

I made a further research regarding strategies used by bloggers on how to improve their blogs. I have found, I guess, the basic yet a powerful fundamentals how to increase or even obtain just a PR of 1. I found out that by writing quality posts, or contents is the most best strategies.

As what I have found out search engines doesn't count the quantity or the numbers of post you have in your blog. Search engines crawlers tends to crawl sites or blogs which has a good contents and has recent posts. Crawlers loves to crawls blogs or sites which there are changes happens everyday or the more your site has an activity.

Another tips to increase the PR of your blog is to submit your blog to blog directories. They are more blog directories who offers their services free for the inclusion of your blog in their directories. Most of them only requires you to do back links of their directories in exchange for the listing of your blog.

Writing quality blog is the most basic yet powerful tool to increase or to obtain a page rank. Also submit your blog to sites and blog directories. Also you must remember that, to have a quality blog your content must be relevant to your site.

The benefits of quality blogging is it increases the page rank of your blog. Thru quality blogging, as your page rank grows, you make more money with your blog as there would be more advertisers for your blog. Since advertisers wants to advertise in a blog or site which has a good page rank. Making a quality blog is what should come first. Making money with blogging comes easily after you made your blog a quality one.

May be it wont be too late for me to start posting and creating a quality content. Not yet too late. So far, I am happy with the stats of my blog knowing that Google and yahoo had indexed my blog, and that was great numbers. I've got also a good Real Rankings used by some advertisers, and with Alexia rankings I've got a figures on it which I am working to increase it.

The bottom line is, thru quality blogging, search engines loves to crawl blogs or site which has a good content and as you keep posting quality posts , as they crawl your blog it increases you page ranks, when you got a good page ranking standing, you got more advertisers, and that's where you make more money by quality blogging.

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