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Simple Tips to Prevent Hair Loss or Hair Fall - Protecting Your Crowning Glory

It is said that the man's hair is his/her crowning glory. Thus every one will do anything to protect his/her hair. I will give you a simple and practical but effective tips/ways on how to protect your hair and thus will prevent hair loss, hair fall or hair damage making your crowning glory intact and healthy.

There are a lots of hair care products, ranging from shampoos, and salons treatments, out in the market that promises to protect our hair to make it  healthy, shiny and fabulous. But shampoo is the number one factor that causes hair fall, hair loss, or the wrong uses, or application thereof that develops, as we age, to baldness.

So let's go first what causes hair fall, hair loss or hair damage, though need not be thoroughly  discussed. To some people what causes their hair fall, hair loss, or even baldness are their genes inherited from their predecessors, but to some are their shampoos or they tend to over do hair care regimen or hair treatments that they are under going. Also stress and unhealthy environment not to mention if  the person is under going therapy such as chemo therapy, or even our daily routine while  we are taking our bath contributes to hair loss, hair fall or baldness.

If you notice to some men the part of their head that is prone to baldness, hair loss or hair fall, is in their front head or the hair above their fore head, while to women is on their top of the head, that's where hair fall, hair loss or a bit baldness in women  is more visible and noticeable.

So what should we do to protect our hair thus preventing hair loss, hair fall or baldness. I am giving you my simple and practical tips that are effective, inexpensive and the most important one is can be done everyday,  since every day we are taking our bath/s, so here they are:

1. This No. 1 tip is the most effective, simple and practical  way of preventing hair fall, hair loss or baldness though your discipline is involve the way how you apply your shampoo. Whatever your shampoo claims, either it prevents hair loss, their contents are from natural sources, etc., etc., avoid applying directly your shampoo to your scalp or head. Men tends to directly apply their shampoo to the hair above their fore head, which is the part men usually suffer baldness and to women they tend to directly apply their shampoo to their top head, which is the area of the hair they are prone to hair loss, hair fall or baldness. The simple reason is that shampoos has chemical ingredients, if you directly apply the shampoo it surely  has chemical reactions to our scalp , weakening the hair follicles and hair strands, and thus causing hair loss, hair fall or baldness. Either your shampoo's is made with natural ingredients or 100% made from natural sources still their ingredients reacts to our scalps. Specially those anti-dandruff shampoo its chemical ingredients or contents are higher. So just place enough shampoo (according to your need) to your dippershower cup (tabo, ayan ha, alam mo na english ng tabo) with little water, shake for a seconds to neutralize the chemicals of shampoo, to generate bubbles, and then apply it to your hair. So simple isn't it, but sure effective way to prevent and minimize hair loss, hair fall and baldness later on.

2. To women, if they have long hair and  if you don't want to follow the No. 1 tip, try to apply your shampoo, from the tips to the roots of your hair. But don't forget to concentrate more on the roots of your hair or on your sclap as it is where the nutrients is absorbed for a healthy hair.

3. Avoid over doing saloon's hair treatments, specially those that are damaging to your hair like putting to much chemicals for hair straightening, or for hair color or too much hair ironing.Do it occasionally or rarely

4. Take some vitamins that are good for your hair and scalp. Common vitamin for hair is Vit.A, and E, or  take multi-vitamins so that your body will have a daily doze of vitamins and nutrients it needs.

5. Massage your scalp for  5 to 10 minutes, every day or during night time, it increases blood circulation in your head thus it promotes  the flows of blood that carries nutrients that your hair needs. Better if you have comb or hair-brush specially made to massage the scalp or the head which in the same way, it also relaxes the head.

6. Avoid stress, smoking and  unhealthy environments.

That's it, the simple ways and tips to prevent hair loss, hair fall or baldness. Hope you have learned, and will apply this tips to protect your hair, the man's crowning glory.


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