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Win GCash Along With Your New GCash Card.

Just as you think GCash from Globe would be in plastic? Yes, GCash now is in a card. Just like SmartMoney of Smart. GLOBE introduces its GCash Card. Which means we can now withdraw our cash through any Automated Teller Machines (ATM). This would be good for all GCash users, for easy withdrawal.

So how to apply for the card? Well, let's first discuss its features. The card looks more colorful. You can customize it not just the way your name is on it, but also any designs you like, your picture(s), any pictures you like or of your advocacy. That wasn't on SmartMoney Card. So with GCash Card, with its somewhat colorful design, with your name and pictures on the card, Well, you can be fabulous. So splashes and flaunt  it every time you withdraw, and make it as a collection of cards in addition to those inside your wallet. And because its an ATM Card with your Picture on it, it could serve as Identification Card.

So how to apply, here we go. Just follow the simple procedures:

1. Be sure you have activated your sim's GCash features.

2. You GCash must have at least Php100.00. This would a processing fee for the card.

3. Prepare for your designs (anything as much as you want it to be colorful), your 1x1 ID ( so strike your pose with your major major smile).

4. Fill out the application to Globe site. Click Here GCash Card Application...

5. Simple as that.

Your card will be delivered within 2 weeks from the date of application to you preferred address you have written in the application.

Let's just wait for additional features of this card. Well, seems like it couldn't be used for shopping and purchases online. Let's just hope that it could be later on use for shopping and online purchases. In the main time at least it is now a ATM Card, GCash Card, for easy withdrawal.

As Globe introduces its new GCash Card, there giving away CASH to be credited to your GCash Card... So How? Just Click Here  GCash Coins...

Hope you could get as many coins as you like...


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