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Failed Renewal of Episode XXII " RENEWAL, Dawn of the Enlightened Ones"

Philippine Ragnarok Online thinks that it will  three point shot the ball with its new Episode XXII -"RENEWAL, Dawn of the Enlightened Ones", but it failed. With so much enthusiasm from gamers with the new episode hoping that it will surpassed their expectations when it launched the Episode TRANSCENDENTAL or REBIRTH, but it didn't. There are changes implemented claiming that it will be more favorable to gamers but the truth is it didn't worked, worst it go against with their claim and brought only frustration to gamers (old and new) and  to those who can't renew because of bugs.

A comparison between the two episodes, 1. Transcendental Class Rebirth Episode and 2. Renewal Episode,  are worth to recognize of since they are both pertaining to changing of characters in connection with its successful episode launched, and response came from the players.

1. The former pertains to being Rebirth and the Latter pertains to being Renewed.
2. In the launching of Transcendental Episode  it was timely, planned and no bugs. While the Episode XXII was a hurried launched, with bugs, even if it was tested on another server.
3. The whole day of Rebirth Launching was extraordinary with a 10,000+ players being online, while Renewal Launching was, well, only few made the Renewal.
4. Bugs, errors and complaints was less in Rebirth Episode than to Renewal Episode.
5. The Transcendental Episode, honestly, I must say, a successful episode launched, while the latter was even below with the former.

After Rebirth Characters here comes the Renewed Characters, no comparison can be made with its characters since after rebirthing the characters it was renewed upgrading the characters to even more higher status, with its new skills, well that's a good side players can look for.

A mistake implemented on Renewal Episode was that the monsters XP was lowered! It should have been higher. With the lower XP obtained from different monsters how could it will benefit the gplayers since it would only slow their leveling, making the game slow, and tiring for new and beginners . It should have been higher tripling the required experience to level up. One can easily notice that the Maximum Level of 99 with its required EXP was only subdivided for 150 Level Base Cap. Making the monsters easily killed, lowering the experiences you get from them.

Renewal Quest Bugs was also a major major frustration. But of course there are good sides from Renewal Episode, with Higher Character Status, stronger skills, good game user-interface. etc, is something playerss can enjoy. Since I grow up from this game, I would love it no matter what. It is the game that relives the youth inside of my aging human existence. I Still live on and ROK On!!!

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