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Building A Good Blog

Everyone deserves a second chance no matter how bad or worst the first time was. My second chance was that I need to start a new with my blogging adventures. Not because I did my previous years bad, but because I wasn't able to do it with so much time. I had been too much busy with my work and studies. But now I believe I have so much time to write and blog about everything I want.

With this second chance, perhaps my goal would be to have a good blog and to have a good content. With the ultimate goal of having a long standing blog with a good page rank later on as I build its content. Probably monitizing it, but not so much of that. It would be sort of keeping everything on records. Expressing thoughts, ideas and views, everything just as blogger would think.
I've learn from my reading was that to have a good blog, the secrets lies with its content.s A good contents. By having a god contents google would sort mark your site and later on presents it to searchers that matches what it wants. And of course, your topics would be something that is useful, meaty and easy to understant. In such way it would improve your page rank.Not so much with a high PR, but building its content along the way it would build it self. Now that is my second chance. At the same time, I am planning to write or blog about things as interesting or appealling to world. What I mean is that everything that would be useful to my readers.

In connections with I believe this blog needs some revisions together with its layouts and themes. Making it brand new again. Well let see that things would work fine, better and successful. Just as you think...

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