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For those who do not have a credit card, and to those who  used their Smart Money Card in verifying their PayPal account, here is the good news. Just as they think that they cannot use their Smart Money Card as a source of  fund to their PayPal account, well, I tell you they are wrong. The truth is you can. In fact, if you used it in verifying your PayPal account there is no reason why you can't use it as source of fund for your PayPal account because it is basically a Master Card, a Debit Card. Yes!, you can use it, as a source of fund, just like a credit card, but in a much safer way.

Of course, you must have a Smart Money Card linked to your Mobile Phone. I recommend to you  to read my previous post on how to verify your PayPal account using Smartmoney Card. For complete details on how to verify your PayPal account using Smart Money Card, just click the link After your PayPal account was verified  using Smart Money Card, you can even used it right away as a source or means of funding your PayPal account, and start right away purchasing or making payment online.

You can use Smart Money card as a means of funding your PayPal account because it bears the "MASTER CARD" logo. By the fact that PayPal accepted it as a method of verifying your account. PayPal also allows you to use Smart Money Card to fund your account. Smart Money card is connected to a bank, BANCO DE ORO,, "BDO" so currency conversion, online or international transactions is possible. The money inside the card is safely place in one of the BDO special account made specially for SMART, Smart Money card holders. As such, it works like a credit card, but I can say in a much safer way than a  credit card and without  having to worry about over debiting the cash or money inside the card just like no overdrafts.

So, here's how. If you are shopping, or making purchases or paying for a product or items online make sure that Smart Money card is fully activated and linked to your mobile phone and with enough funds. Just make some estimate of your Peso converted into dollar, when paying. Get your phone ready. 

1. Make sure your Smart Money Card has enough “FUNDS”.
2. When making payment or purchases online, of course, the store or sellers should use PayPal as their payment processor. So the store or seller will prompt you to enter your PayPal address.
3. When your about to confirm "PAYING" inside PayPal site, go to your mobile or cellphone, then go to SMART MENU, look for Smart Money sub-menu.
4. On the Sub-Menu, look for "INTERNET" option.
5. On the INTERNET option, look for the "UNLOCK" and press OK.
6. Upon pressing  "OK", and prompted to enter your "PIN CODE", by the time you entered it and send it, proceed to No. 7 immediately.
7. Take note, upon sending the message, you should press or select on your PayPal confirming that you are paying the item or products, "JUST IN A SPAN of 3 to 5 SECONDS".

When the payment is successfully made, you will receive a message with the tenor of, "Approval of Php1,200.00 payment to Merchant X". Don't worry with conversion, even though your money is in Peso, BDO will convert your money into dollar. If the payment is not successful, you will receive a message saying that your Smart Money is lock for internet purchases or do not have enough money. So what you must do is repeat steps 1 to 7 mentioned above. Please take note that the step no.7 is crucial, as it is where it lies your successful payment or purchases online, or you should deposit more money into the card. The unlocking of your Smart Money for internet transactions and confirming the payment on your PayPal account should be made within the span of seconds mentioned above. Otherwise, your PayPal payment will be declined.

So, basically that's it. You can now fund your PayPal using your Smart Money Card. Well, it is not likely that the money in your Smart Money card stays in your PayPal account or you cannot just have your money be converted into dollar and just leave it there into your PayPal account. That won't be possible. When I say, you can use your Smart Money as a means or source of money to fund your PayPal account it is just to use your card that is linked to your PayPal account for making purchases or payment online. So no money stays in your PayPal account. If the payment was cancelled or opted the "return payment" offered by the store or seller, you won't see the money in your PayPal account. PayPal will process it and return it to BDO and BDO will re-credit it to your Smart Money Card. Of course, it takes days to re-credit the amount to your Smart Money account. So don’t panic that if you check your Smart Money account the money is missing or the balance is not exact as your expected them to be. As I have said, it takes days to process and re-credit the money to your Smart Money card.

Well, the advantage of using Smart Money instead of a credit card is basically you don’t have to worry that the store or buyer or site will charge your card next month, or that they will charge just for nothing. That they cannot do that because the Smart Money card is in default “LOCKED”, even if you unlocked it because you used it by paying something online, after payment, the card will return automatically in a span of seconds from payment into “LOCKED” mode. So, no hassle, and you have nothing to worry for over and hidden charges, it is so safe.

So I hope, I have given you all the details, and that you learned something new from me. So now, we don’t need credit card in our online transactions, by using Smart Money, simple, easy and safely.


  1. Bingo you got my thumbs up. Lots of what I searched only talk about how to activate paypal or how to withdrawn from paypal to smartmoney.

  2. Let say that I have already verified my smarmoney debit card in my paypal account and got a merchant from China thus, he billed me for 150usd in total, will there be any fees that I may incurred aside from the exchange rate imposed by BDO/SmartMoney? Or shall I say, I have purchased a paypal fund from other paypal user and successfully transferred 150usd to my paypal account and that paypal balance will use to pay the China Supplier/Merchant, will there be also other charges aside from the total bill of 150usd? Please enlighten me since I am a newbie paypal user. Thanks!

  3. Why is my payment status is denied in my paypal history? I have message from smartmoney "Approval of Php 45.05 purchase at PAYPAL Merchant from card smartmoney. Avail Bal:Php xxxx.xx ref:xxxxxx" something like this.

  4. thank.. i wanted to buy a in game purchase item but i dont have a credit card.. thanks to this.. i have to try this..

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